The word itself can be exciting, or scary and impersonal sounding. But experimenting can be just trying something very small which is different from our habitual way. It could mean taking a different position for looking at things, imaginally or physically. It could mean sitting differently and seeing how it feels or paying attention to how much space you have around you, or where you sense your personal space begins and ends.

An experiment could be seeing what its like to say something in a different way.

An experiment could be using shells or stones to set out a pattern of where you see yourself in your relation to others – and exploring how you might like to adjust that situation.

Or it could be using two different places in the room to dramatise and develop an inner dialogue – perhaps to discover where some part of that comes from, where we heard that before we internalised it and made it our own.

It could be some way of exploring a dream

Or it could be about playing a role that we would not normally allow ourselves to play – but which it might feel okay to ‘try out’ in the confidential space of the session.

An experiment can be any exploration which arises out of the various ways of Gestalt working.